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Choosing A Makeup Artist

By December 15, 2018No Comments

I’ve been a wedding photographer in Durban since 2009 and I’ve had the privilege (and sometimes the regret) of working with quite a few makeup artists in Durban. If you’re planning your wedding, you would have considered hiring a professional makeup artist/hair stylist to complete your look and make you even more flawless. Most brides don’t consider the deeper details about their choices and often regret their decisions on the wedding day. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your makeup artist for your wedding in Durban.


  The first and most obvious  trait of your ideal makeup artist should be talent. You’ve probably stalked their Instagram page, looked at previous brides that they’ve worked with and decided that a specific makeup artist is a good fit for you. This is probably one of the more subjective parts of the criteria and I won’t argue that being a talented makeup artist is a must – because it is!  It would be wise to find out who photographed the brides that worked with the makeup artist you’re considering. You can be super talented and capture decent photos of your work with your phone (and filters) but, you need to see how well the makeup photographs by a professional wedding photographer. You’re probably asking yourself “So what’s the difference?”. The difference is chalk and cheese my friend.

Finding a makeup artist who possesses the technical skill to apply makeup for the camera is essential. I have worked with a couple of MUA’s in Durban who thought that everything looked amazing but, left me with a huge headache and added several hours of post production time trying to correct colours,  highlights and cracks caused by excessive application of product.  This is not something you want to deal with on one of the most momentous days of your life.

Most MUAs  offer a trial session that will allow you to assess the makeup artists talent and technical ability. I suggest that you always go with this option so you can also give input about colours and provide other specifics. It’s also not a bad idea to speak to us (Your Durban wedding photographer) about having an e-session done on the same day as your makeup trial. This will allow you to get comfortable with your photographer AND see how well your makeup photographs.


You’ve probably heard the adage that “Talent isn’t everything”. Considering that your makeup artist is usually the first service provider you see and work with on your wedding day, you definitely don’t want your makeup artist running late or causing a scene during your bridal prep (Yes, I’ve been witness to both of these). You would want to choose someone you gel with and who can bring the right vibe to your bridal prep and keep you happy through the time you have with them. A bad attitude is the last thing you want to deal with on your wedding day.

If your makeup artist runs late, your entire day can get so messed up. Think about what would happen if your MUA was 1 hour late. The priest who was supposed to marry you was only supposed to be there an hour and leave to marry another couple, your limo driver has another pick-up and cant drive you to your wedding, the sting quartet you hired to play your song as you walk down the aisle has other events to play and cant wait for you to arrive and the list goes on. The level of messed-up-ness is VERY real so you should definitely book your MUA 30 minutes earlier than you need them to avoid any loss of time (which is usually recovered from your photographer’s creative shoot time).

Below are a few MUA’s I have worked with a number of times and are definitely highly recommend. Their work photographs flawlessly and usually lasts an entire day of hugs, kisses, tears and hours in the Durban sun.












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