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Do I need a Videographer?

By December 13, 2018December 15th, 2018No Comments
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Do you really need a ‘videographer’?

 I’ve decided to write about this, simply because my perspective about the topic has changed over the past few months.  – That, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked  “Do you offer video coverage as well”?.

If you are currently planning (or have planned) a Durban wedding, you would have questioned the necessity of hiring a ‘videographer’ or wedding film maker. Some families ALWAYS insist on hiring both a wedding photographer and a videographer and are (in most cases) provided and delivered by one company/person. I have found this a common practice within the Indian community and with most Indian weddings.  For others, there is a choice to be made.  Some couples find it difficult to decide if it is absolutely necessary to hire a wedding videographer and are either on a tight budget or they don’t really see the value of having a wedding film.

Durban wedding trends have changed  in both the photography and videography market and has enabled a few talented, independent, wedding filmmakers to offer their services on the same level as independent wedding photographers. This has really given couples the ability to choose to hire two specialist services from two independent creatives and not have the feeling of being tied down to the singular video and photo provider.

Why you should consider hiring an INDEPENDENT Durban Wedding Videographer.

Firstly, let me start by saying that the value of having a wedding film is subjective and your opinion may be influenced by a number of different things. This is just my take on why I feel that wedding films are essential in telling parts of your wedding story that photography misses out on.

Emotional Value – If you’ve ever cried while watching a movie (its okay if you did, I wont tell) then, I rest my case. Wedding films trigger similar emotive responses which photography just cant do as well. Think about how you would feel hearing your vows again and reliving those moments your dad lifted your veil at the end of the aisle, or watching your (future) husband ball his eyes out from seeing you for the first time. Wedding films capture the sights and sounds that you may miss and ,even though a picture says a thousand words, it cant play you the song you first dance to as a married couple. (Maybe in the future)

Social Value –  If you vibe with socail media then, nothing is better than having a  highlight film to show off to friends and family!

Going the option of hiring independent creatives will always be your best bet. This will give you the ability to choose to hire two specialist services from two independent creatives and not have the feeling of being tied down to the singular video and photo provider who may not tick all of your boxes. I have worked with some of the best wedding videographers in Durban and always advise couples to consider having one of them create their wedding film. They have created some of the most captivating wedding films in Durban and may be your ideal choice.

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