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We are Durban based wedding photographers! We’ve been wedding photographers in Durban since 2009 and have captured memories for hundreds of amazing people around Durban, Ballito and even KZN Midlands. Our clients are after genuine, stylistic, romantic and joyful wedding photos. We’d love to meet with you and learn about you, your wedding and chat about how we can help capture your story. 


My Wedding Photography Gear

Durban Wedding Photographers | What Gear Do You use?

I get this question a lot and ,most of the time, my response is just a basic summary of what I actually use. When I photograph weddings, I usually pack all the essentials and a backup set of everything. (See below)

Essentially, these are my tools and they all work together to help me produce the beautiful Durban wedding photography I’m known for. It has taken me a few years to collect each piece of my kit and I am still actively shopping for new and interesting tech to help make even more beautiful images. (Backed by several clever excuses to buy more gear)

Cameras and lenses.


  • Fujifilm X-T2
  • Fujifilm X-H1


  • Samyang 12mm F2
  • Fujifilm 35mm F2
  • Fujifilm  56mm F1.2
  • Fujifilm 16-55 F2.8
  • Fujifilm 50-140 F2.8

My cameras are the backbone of my arsenal and the lenses that go with it were specifically selected for how I photograph weddings and fit perfectly into my shooting style. Over the years of being a Durban wedding photographer, I have switched between brands and finally found one that offers everything I imagine for the way I shoot and for the kind of wedding photography my clients look for.

My main wedding photography cameras are the Fujifilm X-T2 and X-H1. The X-T2 was my first purchase and immediately fell in love with it. It made walking away from Nikon Pro gear so much easier and set the bar for me in terms of the quality of wedding photographs I started to create. These two cameras are similar in many ways, however, the X-H1 has a few added benefits that let me push creative boundaries, especially in low light.

The Lenses that I use for Durban wedding photography (listed above) have shaped the way I photograph weddings. I have selected these based on a few reasons, namely optical quality, final image quality, low light capability and build.

As much as the camera captures the image, it is the lens makes the image. If the lens isn’t amazing, the photographs that are produced will be average. Thankfully, Fujifilm make the best lenses in the photographic industry and I am fortunate enough to have been able to collect all, but one, of my “dream fuji lenses”.


  • 2x Godox TT685F
  • 3x Godox LED64
  • Various Backup Flashes
  • Various Godox Light Modifiers and shaping tools.

I’ve always said that if you can give me a half-decent camera and amazing light, I will still make beautiful images. I have proven this in the past and many other wedding photographers in Durban believe this concept too.

Surprisingly, my lighting kit isn’t that complex. I generally use my Godox TT685’s for indoor weddings which provide more than enough light for even the most dimly lit rooms. I also have a few LED lights in my bag for that rare occasion when I need to fill in shadows to create dimension under flat light.

The best part of my lighting setup is that it’s completely battery powered and completely wireless. My lighting does not require me to be plugged into a wall outlet or snake meters of cable around a wedding venue to get power and makes setup and take-down super easy. The Godox flash system also allows me to adjust my lighting directly from my camera so am always in control of my lighting without needing to walk up to the lights to make manual adjustments.

To compliment my lighting kit, I have a small collection of light modifiers and other light shaping tools that help me create stunning wedding images.

If you have any questions about the gear I use, drop me an email –

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